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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2013 8:44am-9:14am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone, and welcome to the april 18, 2013, meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors neighborhood services and safety committee, my name is david campos and i am the chair of the committee and we are joined today by committee
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member supervisor norman yee, and the clerk is derek evans and we would like to thank the following members of sfgtv staff that are covering this meeting to be transmitted to the rest of the public. jennifer lowe and jessy larson, and i want to thank all of you for yoush patience and for being here, for those of you are here and those of you watching. mr. clerk, do we have announcements? >> make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic device and complete the speaker cards and copies of the documents to be included in the files should be submitted to the clerk, items active will appear on the may 7th's meeting unless otherwise stated. >> the vice chair of the committee eric mar is not able to be here, he has another meeting that is happening at the same time unfortunately, so if we could have a motion to excuse supervisor mar? >> the motion. >> moved. >> the motion by supervisor yee, is there any comment on
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that? >> without objection, that motion carries supervisor mar is excused. mr. clerk if you could please call item number one. >> a hearing to consider issuance of a type 42 on sale beer and witness license to ferris ferdon for ferdon... >> and to just to note that this item is agendaized as a committee report because of the timing of the committee prior meetings and how long this process has taken for this application, that was important for us to have the opportunity to forward it to the board on a more expedited basis, so with that, i will turn it over to the applicant, ferris ferdon. >> good morning. >> i have never done this before. >> you could just tell us a little bit about what you are trying to do, and the reason
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for the request and if you could talk a little bit about the out reach that you have done that would be helpful. >> thank you. >> i own the store on chest nut and marina, we have 12 stores in california and have been doing this for 12 years, and we specialize in only california olive oil and it is tested to higher standards than the european market and that got them upset years ago. and so if you have been to napa you have probably seen that the gourmet food business is really become the pairing building and so the olive oil and the wines are kind of the hip now. our store in lahoya which opened two years ago has a wine license and they do wine parings and olive oil testings, and so our goal was really just
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to enhance the store and enhance the experience, our wine bar is going to be very small, it will be totally inside, and it won't be outside, there is a patio but we are not going to use it. we are going to keep the minimal hours and probably no later than 9:00 p.m. so it is not going to be a big, loud, rucus venue. i think that i passed out some of the information we started a petition a few months ago and we had tremendous support from the neighborhood people were kind of at the snotty end, a16 and two doors down and the meat market and the coffee roasty. and it is going to be a nice neighborhood event basically, we... i have a letter that broadly explains our goal and
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intent and then the petition, and the diagram of the floor plan, that is what we are hoping to do. >> for those of you in the audience, there are a lot of things that effect, and why don't we hear from the policement, i understand that expecter fong and darcey keller are here. >> okay. >> thank you very much, sir. >> good morning, inspector, (inaudible) with the san francisco police department, avc, the liaison unit. >> on behalf of ferdon olive oil has filed an application with the department of beverage control speaking a type 42 on
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sale beer and wine license, located on the south side of chest nut street. >> the police calls for service, from december, 2007 and 2012 is one, and there are no police reports in that same time period. notification, dates and the 500, first mailer was on january 28th, 2013 and the notice to the public was posted on january 29th, 2013. >> san francisco plot information this premise is located on plot 507, the applicant location is located in a high crime area. the census track, the premise is located in census track, 128, on sale license authorized on the track 14. and the premise is currently located in an undo concentration area. and there are two letters of protest and they are reported
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with the california beverage control the abc and no records of any support letters of the california department of alcohol beverage control, the san francisco police department recommendation, there is no opposition from northern police station, if the applicant agrees to the recommended conditions. the alcohol abc, liaison unit recommends approval with the below conditions. the sale and service and consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be permitted between the hours of 10 p.m. and 9 p.m. daily. for off sale consumption sales is prohibited. they shall be responsible for maintaining the area free of litter over which they have control. >> thank you very much. >> director. colleagues, do we have any questions and supervisor yee? >> i just wanted to thank mr.
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ferdon for being here and i do appreciate wanting... and i also am very happy that you reached out to the community and have reached the neighborhood support for this investment for this committee to know that, and i understand that the supervisor in your district has already met with you. yeah. so that is a good thing, i would like to see this move forward. >> thank you, supervisor yee and i do want to echo those comments, and one of the things that we make it clear any time that someone wants to apply for a liquor license is to make sure that when they come to this committee that they have done the out reach to the community, that there is community support and that they have met with the district
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supervisor. and you have done that and that is a good sign in terms of how you are going to run this business. and we understand also that the district supervisor is supportive of this. so, without any other comments, why don't we open it up to public comment, if there is any member of the public who would like to speak on this item? please come forward. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. so if we could have a motion to send this item forward with a recommendation as a committee report to the board of supervisor? s >> moved. >> so we have a motion by supervisor yee and if we could take that without objection. >> thank you to the police department for the work on this. congratulations. >> mr. clerk, if you could please call item two? >> item number two is an ordinance amending the police codes replace the existing 8 foot bubble zone for
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individuals entering and accessing... >> before we begin, do i want to acknowledge the presence of a number of our friends from united educators of san francisco. thank you for being here and it is good to have you in the chambers. i would like to begin by thanking my colleagues on the board of supervisor whose have already signed on as co-sponsors of this legislation, supervisor avalos, kim, mar, weiner, cohen, breed, and mr. david chiu and norman yee and so there are nine that have signed on as co-sponsors of this piece of legislation. i also want to thank my staff who have been working on this for quite some time.
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hillary who started working on this for more than a year ago before they went on maternity leave and stephanie ashley who has picked up the work and i can tell you that many, many hours have gone into this. i especially want to thank the staff and the women, and the men who go to planned parenthood who have been so patient and dealing with this situation. and have actually been more patient than i think is probably expected or should be expected of anyone. and i want to thank them for the very responsible measured, way in which they have approached this issue. i also want to thank the city attorney office who has given a lot of advice on this matter as well as the police department including not only the chief of police but also the district captain and we have
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representatives from the police department here and i want to thank other city agencies including the department of public works who have also worked with us on this matter. >> i would like to provide the context as to how it is that we got here. just we have had a bubble ordinance in san francisco since 1994. and to provide some context as to how that ordinance came into being, in 1993, dr. david gun was shot and killed on his way to work to the pensicola woman's medical clinic it occurred in the anti-abortion protests that was aimed at the patients and also the staff. dr. george tiller that same year who was serving as the director was shot in both arms by an


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